Veterinary Clinics

Community Veterinary Clinics

Arroyo Grande (Traffic Way): Every Saturday, 8-10am (Provided by CVO)

Atascadero: Every Sunday, 4pm-5:30pm (Provided by VIP Petcare)

Carpinteria: Every Sunday, 3:30-5pm (Provided by VIP Petcare)

Goleta: Every Sunday, 10-11:30am (Provided by VIP Petcare)

Lompoc: Every Saturday, 1-2:30pm (Provided by VIP Petcare)

Los Osos: Every Other Sunday, 10-11:30am (Provided by VIP Petcare)

Morro Bay: Every Other Saturday, 2:30pm-4:00pm (Provided by CVO)

Nipomo: Every Other Saturday, 2-4pm (Provided by CVO)

Paso Robles: Every Other Saturday, 12-1:30pm (Provided by CVO)

San Luis Obispo: Every Sunday, 1-2:30pm (Provided by VIP Petcare)

Santa Barbara: Every Sunday, 1-2:30pm (Provided by VIP Petcare)

Santa Maria: Every Other Saturday, 11am-12:30pm (Provided by CVO)

Solvang: Every Other Saturday, 3:30-5pm (Provided by VIP Petcare)

Clinics are provided by Community Veterinary Outreach and VIP Petcare.

If you have any questions regarding pricing and procedures, please call the clinic scheduled to be at your local Lemos. Please note that Lemos only hosts these clinics at our locations.

VIP Pet Care – (800) 427-7973,


Community Veterinary Outreach – (805) 541-8246,