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K9 Advantix® II not only kills ticks, fleas and mosquitoes, it also repels them! It also kills lice and repels nasty biting flies.

Does your dog love the water? No problem! K9 Advantix® II is waterproof. Studies have shown your dog will still be protected after exposure to water—whether your dog has gone for a swim, has been given a bath or has been in the rain. This waterproof protection can be used on puppies as young as seven weeks of age. For best results, dogs treated with K9 Advantix® II should be bathed with a non-detergent shampoo.

With K9 Advantix® II, most ticks are repelled and killed before they can attach, which may reduce the risk of transmitting disease-causing organisms to the host. K9 Advantix® II offers protection against fleas in ALL stages of development. The active ingredients in K9 Advantix® II break the flea life cycle by:

  1. Killing fleas on dogs within 12 hours after initial application
  2. Killing fleas before they lay eggs
  3. Killing reinfesting fleas within 2 hours
  4. Preventing fleas on a treated dog from infesting the home
  5. Preventing development of fleas, flea eggs, larvae (maggots) and pupae (cocoons)
K9 Advantix® II also protects your dog from mosquitoes, biting flies, and chewing lice. Protection from mosquitos may reduce the pain, discomfort, itchiness and immune responses caused by mosquito bites. Biting flies can cause severe stress to dogs. K9 Advantix® II tames the nuisance of biting flies by preventing them from blood-feeding on your dog. K9 Advantix® II kills up to 100% of chewing lice within one week and may last for up to a month.

(Source: Advantix II website)


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