Happy Hen Chicken Treats



Happy Hen Treats® were the inspiration of a seven year old girl who raised chickens in her backyard in a small town just outside of San Antonio, Texas. She wanted to buy treats for her favorite chicken but there were none on the market.

Less than a year later, Happy Hen Treats® developed Mealworm Frenzy® and declared it to be “The World’s First Treat for Chickens.” Thanks to one little girl’s vision, chickens across the country can now enjoy a special treat developed especially for them.

Today, we are expanding our line of quality products made specifically for chickens. We know you love your chickens, so we have created a full line of products for them to eat, play, nest, and more. All of our products are tested and approved by our own backyard flock, so we know that you and your chickens will love them.

(Source: Happy Hen website)


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