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A family owned and managed company, our core philosophy was simple – provide exceptional service and consistent quality products to ensure complete satisfaction. That founding mission is still embraced today by the 4th generation of Hearne owners and managers. Over the years, L.A. Hearne Company has grown and diversified its operations to better serve the changing needs of our customers; yet, we remain firmly rooted in King City at the southern end of the Salinas Valley in Monterey County.

King Feed’s range of products now spans livestock, equine, poultry, rabbit, pet and exotics. Our quality feeds are based on the latest nutritional advances to promote the health and longevity of your animal.

Additional L.A. Hearne divisions include: a liquid/dry fertilizer and blending division, a seed division handling field and cover crops, warehousing and distribution for King brand and other quality feed/pet/ranch supplies and retail operations in both King City and Prunedale featuring western wear, fencing, animal health, tack, livestock and pet food.


Horses live in a wide variety of situations and are used at various levels of work so there is no simple answer to, “What do I feed my horse?” The main goal is to provide your horse with a complete, balanced diet with enough energy for their workload or lifestage. A staple in the equine diet is roughage and that can come in the form of hay or a complete feed formulated with roughage.  Which you choose often depends upon where your horse lives, what he likes and what you like!  So whether you choose a supplement to balance the nutrition of hay or a complete pelleted feed because of it’s convenience, King has an equine feed that will suit you and your horse.

:From broilers to egg layers, waterfowl to showbirds, there is King feed specifically formulated to address the nutritional and health needs of your bird.  We offer pellets, mashes and crumbles to optimize feed utilization and our cleaned grains and screened pellets enhance palletability.(Source: King website)


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