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Natural Balance® Pet Foods was first started back in 1989 with the intention of developing the finest, healthiest pet food on the market. The goal was to develop a pet food based on sound scientific principles and truth, not marketing hype. And not only for dogs and cats, but for large carnivores, such as lions, tigers, polar bears, and wolves in zoos and animal reserves worldwide.

Natural Balance® Pet Food is the finest food you can buy for your pet and no matter which of our products you use, you can be assured that it is truly The Food For a Lifetime™.

Today, all Natural Balance® products are used and respected worldwide by top trainers, breeders, veterinarians, kennels, and caring pet owners who want the best for their animals. We hope you have noticed that my Natural Balance® has given you and your pet not just many “varieties” but many “categories” of food and treats to meet you and your companion animal’s needs. We know that one type of food won’t work for all animals, so we keep working to give you the best possible choices in every category.

We want to make available to you The Food For a Lifetime™ so that you know that your pet is getting the best food, no matter which Natural Balance® Pet Food you choose.

At Natural Balance, we want your pet to stay happy and healthy for more than just tomorrow; we want them to be well fed for their lifetime!

**Lemos may not carry every variation of this pet food line, but we can special order any food from any store.

(Source: Natural Balance website)


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