Resultix by Bayer is a fast acting, tick killing spray for use on dogs and cats. For immediate relief, simply spray attached or crawling ticks until covered (usually two sprays). Resultix dissolves the outer waxy layer surrounding the tick’s hard shell, causing uncontrollable water loss. Within 3 hours from application, the tick will die and fall off your pet or will become immobilized, making it easy to remove.

By using Resultix, you will minimize the amount of contact you have with live or mobile ticks. Resultix is free of conventional pesticides and can be used as often as needed. One bottle contains about 200 sprays. Stop ticks early to prevent them from transmitting diseases such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Babesiosis.

Stop ticks within 3 hours
For use on dogs and cats
Free of conventional pesticides
(Source: Entirely Pets website)


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